Rebuild Inventory

Here's what I use to take a quick inventory of a machine before a rebuild, both to act as a reference during the rebuild itself, and in case something goes pear-shaped. The whole chunk after script up to exit is cut-and-pastable.

# as root, where you want your inventory file
script $(hostname).inventory
export PS1='\h:\w\$ '               # reset prompt to avoid ctrl chars
fdisk -l /dev/sd?                   # list partition tables
cat /proc/mdstat                    # list raid devices
pvs                                 # list lvm stuff
df -h                               # list mounts
ip addr                             # list network interfaces
ip route                            # list network routes
cat /etc/resolv.conf                # show resolv.conf

# Cleanup control characters in the inventory
perl -i -pe 's/\r//g; s/\033\]\d+;//g; s/\033\[\d+m//g; s/\007/\//g' \

# And then copy it somewhere else in case of problems ;-)
scp $(hostname).inventory somewhere:

Anything else useful I've missed?

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