Transient RSS Feeds

As the use of RSS and Atom becomes increasingly widespread (we have people talking about Syndication-Oriented Architecture now), it seems to me that one of the use cases that isn't particularly well covered off is transient or short-term feeds.

In this category are things like short-term blogs (e.g. the feeds on the advent blogs I was reading this year: Catalyst 2007 and 24 Ways 2007), or comment feeds, for tracking the comments on a particular post.

Transient feeds require at least the ability to auto-expire a feed after some period of time (e.g. 30 days after the last entry) or after a certain date, and secondarily, the ability to add feeds almost trivially to your newsreader (I'm currently just using the thunderbird news reader, which is reasonable, but requires about 5 clicks to add a feed).

Anyone know of newsreaders that offer this functionality?

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