Fuzzy Displays and Dual NVIDIA 8xxx Cards

We've been chasing a problem recently with trying to use dual nvidia 8000-series cards with four displays. 7000-series cards work just fine (we're mostly using 7900GSs), but with 8000-series cards (mostly 8600GTs) we're seeing an intermittent problem with one of the displays (and only one) going badly 'fuzzy'. It's not a hardware problem because it moves displays and cables and cards.

Turns out it's an nvidia driver issue, and present on the latest 100.14.11 linux drivers. Lonni from nvidia got back to us saying:

This is a known bug ... it is specific to G8x GPUs ... The issue is still being investigated, and there is not currently a resolution timeframe.

So this is a heads-up for anyone trying to run dual 8000-series cards on linux and seeing this. And props to nvidia for getting back to us really quickly and acknowledging the problem. Hopefully there's a fix soonish so we can put these lovely cards to use.

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